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Improving business performance through practical solutions!
What better way to beat your competition than to use a resource you already have in place … your most important asset, your human capital! No other asset has more impact on your bottom line, positive or negative.

Whether you have 5 employees or 500, you are affected by continuously changing regulations and laws, increasingly cumbersome administrative headaches associated with employee benefits, difficulty finding and keeping the right employees and the risk of litigation aimed at employers hitting record numbers.

Human resources administration and risk management consume nearly 25% of a company’s time, taking away the energies needed to position your company as an industry leader.

Practical HR Solutions offers practical solutions to help you effectively utilize your human capital while you get back the time needed to run your business!
Are you compliant with the numerous federal, state and local regulations and laws that could cost your company thousands of dollars and jeopardize company reputation if you’re not? Practical HR Solutions can help you through the maze of compliance issues including, but not limited to:

  • EEO & Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Equal Pay
  • Wage & Hour
  • Immigration Reform & Control
  • Positive Employee Relations...
    Human capital consists of the combined knowledge, skills and experience of your employees. How do you attract and retain the right employees? Practical HR Solutions can assist you to develop an environment that nurtures positive employee relations by developing and implementing:

  • Fair and consistent policies & practices
  • Competitive & equitable compensation programs
  • Open communications
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Training & Development

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